René Bernasconi

His life, biography, paintings, sculptures & studios.

His Life

René Bernasconi & Pablo Picasso

In the fifties René Bernasconi designed decorations for the casino in Cannes, France where he met Pablo Picasso. Since then a long friendship started. At the same time he met his future wife, with whom he later had 4 children and settled down in Basel, Switzerland.



René Bernasconi's work

René Bernasconi was always true to himself, and followed no doctrine of artist groups or any current trends. Only through his friendship with Pablo Picasso he took his influence into his work. Some selected paintings of René Bernasconi. Most of them are privately owned by the children and grandchildren of the artist René Bernasconi.


René Bernasconi & Pablo Picasso
Foto: René Bernasconi & Pablo Picasso - © Fanny Gianini

Gallery of Work

1910 - 1940


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